Announcing New Service: Voice Readings With Tim

I am very pleased to announce a new voice counselling and life coaching service for individuals called Voice Readings with Tim.

In your in-depth 60 minute Voice Reading you will learn more of who you are, through the voice I hear over the phone, via Skype or face-to-face (Sydney CBD).

You can learn more, or make a booking on the Voice Readings with Tim page.

Welcome to Vocal Branding Australia where we advise on all things Voice and Sound!

At Vocal Branding Australia our corporate mission is to bring a unique, contemporary and strategic perspective to all non-visual aspects of branding and communications. Our company is committed to the authentic and ethical use of voice in business.

Vocal Branding is the strategic and purposeful use of voice to amplify brand values, focus brand positioning and increase brand engagement. It realizes the intrinsic capacity of the human voice to transmit emotion, and its extraordinary potential to create compelling, durable and trusted brand relationships with clients, colleagues and customers.

View and Listen to Tim’s award-winning presentation on the relationship between the human voice and trust

“Tone and colour of voice is a subtle, but powerful way to express, reinforce and reflect product/company values.” - Tim Noonan

Speak with us about how a Vocal Branding Audit can improve your sales and customer relations.

These Vocal Branding Australia Case Studies demonstrate some of the many applications of our voice and Vocal Branding services.

“Vocal branding is the strategic and purposeful use of voice to convey ideas, impressions and feelings from speaker to listener.” - Tim Noonan

This article contains links to most of our company features, services and our unique approach to voice. If you are seeking information on our accessibility services, please visit the Tim Noonan Consulting site.

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Post updated on 29 January 2014

We plan to run our next Vocal Toning course in Quarter 3 2014, most likely commencing in August. We are exploring some refinements to the format of the course, however the information below will give you a feel for the general format and content of the course.

If you are looking to find, befriend and free your true voice, then ‘Engaging Your Voice for Health, Happiness and Harmony’ may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Course Overview

Vocal Toning is an opportunity to develop a healthier and happier relationship with your own voice and with the voices of others in your life. When toning we principally use our voice to produce extended vowel sounds, outside the constraints of words, pitch and rhythm. In each session We will explore together through vocal sound, how our voices can consciously be engaged as powerful instruments of love, healing and harmony. Just as Yoga relaxes and frees up the body, vocal toning relaxes and frees up the voice.

Each session includes explanatory information which supports a range of experiential group toning activities.

Over the course of five sessions, we will explore and experience the fundamentals of Vocal Toning for meditation, health and harmony. As the sessions progress more advanced toning techniques will be covered, providing you with a variety of voice-based meditative techniques for relaxation and self-healing. In each session, one or two circle participants will be the focal point of the group, providing an opportunity for everyone to experience focused sound healing from other circle members.

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Feature Interview #1 – Voice Strategies for EAs and PAs

I was recently interviewed by the great folks over at Executive Assistant Network for their member newsletter, about the power of voice in business. You can read the text of the interview below. Article by Jason Jelicich Blind since birth, Tim Noonan developed an extra ordinary sense of voice perception to help him better understand [...]

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Notes for Tim Noonan’s Amplify Presentation: Your Voice, Your Business, Your Brand

This post has been prepared for attendees of AMP’s Amplify Festival presentation by Tim Noonan Your Voice, Your Business, Your Brand! Vocal Branding is the strategic and purposeful use of voice to amplify brand values, focus brand positioning and increase brand engagement. It realizes the intrinsic capacity of the human voice to transmit emotion, and [...]

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Tim Noonan Presentation: Vocal Branding, Customer Experience and Trust for AMP Annual Conference

Introduction This post has been prepared for attendees of the 2013 AMP National Conference Plenary Session. ‘Vocal Branding’ – Main Plenary “The human voice is the most influential sound on the planet”. As a professional listener and creator of the Vocal Consciousness approach, Tim Noonan knows better than most the incredible power of the human [...]

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Social Media Women Presentation Notes: Finding & Refining Your Voice in Social Media, With Tim Noonan

About This Talk Authentically, engagingly and consistently express your true self and identity in social media. On the evening of Tuesday, 13 November 2012, Voice philosopher and technologist Tim Noonan will take us on an enchanting journey of self-discovery into both our virtual and our physical voices. How can we best express our essential self [...]

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Tim Noonan Speaking at TEDx Macquarie University 2012 – Video: The Human Voice Is The Most Influential Sound On The Planet


Back in August I talked about the influential power of the human voice at TEDx Macquarie University 2012

You can view and listen to the video here

I’ve been contacted by several people with questions about this talk so I thought I would provide my preparation notes covering the key points and some of my reasoning, which I planned to cover on the day.

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IF-Talks – Tim’s Dangerous Idea – The Voice is More Than a Mouthpiece for the Mind

I was recently invited to be on the panel for an IFTalks evening IF-Talks Forum of Dangerous Ideas . In this brief talk I put forward the idea that our voices – our most human of capabilities – are coming to be greatly under-utilised, in part due to the text-orientation of most social media platforms. [...]

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Feature Interview #2 – Voice and the Executive

This is the second of two interviews with Jason Jelicich from Executive Assistant Network. This time we talked about some speaking and listening approaches that executives can employ to maximize both their influence and their effectiveness in the workplace. You can read the first interview about Voice Strategies for EAs and PAs here. Article by [...]

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Transform your Company’s Customer Experience through Vocal Authenticity and Insightful Listening – Notes for Contact Centre Presentations

Introduction This post has been prepared for attendees of my “Transform your Business and Customer Experience through Vocal Authenticity and Insightful Listening” Presentations delivered to the NSW Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) and approximately 1000 St.George & Westpac Bank Contact Centre agents. Please email us to inquire about corporate voice workshops and conference presentations. Learn [...]

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Presentation Notes and References – Sexuality, Diversity and People with Disabilities: Creating Accessible Innovation for Social Inclusion

Introduction These notes have been prepared for a presentation I delivered at the Mashable Sydney Social Media Day: Diversity in Innovation, exploring the theme of diversity and social innovation. Throughout the day Kate Carruthers and others were live tweeting some key ideas from each presentation. All too often technology innovators as well as many folks [...]

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