Introducing Vocal Branding Australia

by Tim Noonan

The human voice is the most influential sound on the planet! Vocal Branding Australia’s voice strategy and tactics harness the expressive capacity of the voice to enhance and strengthen brand communication and user experiences. Our Vocal Branding approach ensures that all the voices you utilise are fully, precisely and uniquely On-Brand!

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“Vocal Branding Australia’s proprietary Vocal direction approach awakens the innate ability of the human voice to act as a transmitter of emotion.”

We bring our detailed research findings and our extensive voice experience and understanding of spoken (vocal) communication to all dimensions of above-the-line and below-the-line branding, marketing and PR activities including TV and radio advertising, messages on hold, automated telephone services, call centres, online applications, corporate videos, executive speaking, personal branding and more.

At Vocal Branding Australia we:

  • Help evolve company brands to sound as engaging and compelling as they look and feel;
  • Amplify brand values and focus brand positioning;
  • Ensure that voices are fully, precisely and uniquely on-brand;
  • Draw on the human voice’s intrinsic capacity to convey emotion, leading to increased brand trust, brand loyalty and brand credibility;
  • Apply our deep understanding of both the conscious and unconscious responses that people have to voice and speech to ensure congruency and avoid cognitive dissonance;
  • Enrich and flesh out the marketing mix of your product or communication to create a complete, harmonious chord of the visual, verbal, and vocal dimensions of communication.

By doing all these things we ensure that your brand is stronger, your customers are happier and your sales are greater!

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