About Vocal Branding Australia

Tim Noonan formed Vocal Branding Australia to provide a unified suite of premium voice consulting services to the enterprise, and to collaboratively provide specialist voice support and expertise to extend the offerings of marketing, advertising and PR agencies.

Vocal Branding Australia is the first to market in the new and emerging field we’ve coined Vocal Branding. Vocal Branding realizes the intrinsic capacity of the human Voice to transmit emotion, and its extraordinary potential to create compelling, durable and trusted brand relationships with customers.

Vocal Branding Australia is committed to the ethical and authentic use of voice in business.

The company Principal, Tim Noonan, has been conducting vocal branding, conference speaking and other consulting for top 100 clients, as well as voice directing influential voices since the early 1990’s.

Tim is a ‘Professional Listener.’ He lives and breathes voices and intimately understands the subtle nuances of vocal expression. Having grown up blind in a sighted world, he has mastered the craft of ‘reading’ Vocal ‘Body Language’ with his ears.

He is also a professional Researcher. Vocal Branding is built on continuous and extensive research into the psychology of information processing, voice, listening, attention, linguistics, learning theory, hypnosis, suggestion and the psychology of influence.

Tim Noonan has drawn on his unique vocal experiences and his extensive voice research to develop a rich set of philosophical perspectives around voice, which he terms Vocal Consciousness. Vocal Consciousness principles underpin all Vocal Branding Australia’s unique suite of voice services.

At Vocal Branding Australia we intimately understand contemporary use of voice which means that the sound of your brand (its VocalFeel™) is natural-sounding, and is, most importantly, highly relevant and sounds familiar to your customers and speaks to their interests. We certainly pay significant attention to the kinds of words to be spoken, but we go so much further than that, carefully wrapping those wordings within subtle vocal nuance, cadence, timbre and tenor to breathe life and authentic feeling into every vocal message we create.

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