Brand and Voice Matching – Vocal Casting

by Tim Noonan

Vocal Branding Australia helps companies identify and develop voices that communicate the values of their brands and bring more personable qualities which customers can identify with and truly relate to. A voice which naturally expresses the values of the brand is often termed the Brand Voice. By choosing the correct, most compelling voice for your brand, you will create an on-going emotional relationship between your brand and your customers.

At Vocal Branding Australia we assist with voice talent selection and ensure that the Voice ideally matches with your brand’s values through The Expressive Voice Agency (a division of Vocal Branding Australia).

In many cases voices and speaking styles currently in the market are lagging way behind the present innovation found in other dimensions of brand expression. In our visually distracting world a commanding voice that resonates with the brand’s values can gain cut- through and speak authentically to customers.

It is very important that your brand voice harmonises with and sounds as engaging as your visual branding looks.Otherwise you may create cognitive dissonance that leads to consumer trust being undermined on an unconscious level. When voices are out of harmony with (discordant to) the rest of the brand expression, cognitive dissonance is often experienced.

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