Vocal Branding Services and Case Studies

I was recently interviewed by the great folks over at Executive Assistant Network for their member newsletter, about the power of voice in business. You can read the text of the interview below. Article by Jason Jelicich Blind since birth, Tim Noonan developed an extra ordinary sense of voice perception to help him better understand [...]


This is the second of two interviews with Jason Jelicich from Executive Assistant Network. This time we talked about some speaking and listening approaches that executives can employ to maximize both their influence and their effectiveness in the workplace. You can read the first interview about Voice Strategies for EAs and PAs here. Article by [...]


Introduction This post has been prepared for attendees of my “Transform your Business and Customer Experience through Vocal Authenticity and Insightful Listening” Presentations delivered to the NSW Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) and approximately 1000 St.George & Westpac Bank Contact Centre agents. Please email us to inquire about corporate voice workshops and conference presentations. Learn [...]


When was the last time you really paid attention to how the Voices of your business sound, and the effect they have on your customers and clients?

Unless you’re online-only, every company, Government department or small business speaks with its customers in one way or another, but we rarely think about just how crucial the sound of voices are for engaging and influencing our customers and for building trust and brand loyalty.

All management and most employees in your organisation probably know how your brand should look, but if you were to ask them “how should our brand Sound?’ you may receive hesitant and perplexed looks. A Vocal Branding (voice) Audit reports on how your business sounds at the moment, and delivers practical research-based recommendations on how your brand could (or should) sound, to reinforce your visual branding and strengthen sales.

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We are often asked for examples of how Vocal Branding is enhancing brands and communication between businesses and their customers.

Here are a range of Vocal Branding case studies and projects we’ve worked on at Vocal Branding Australia:


Article nominally updated with some new links, September 2012. In this 2 August 2010 Mobile Monday Sydney presentation I Briefly cover the current state-of-play in mobile device accessibility; Demonstrate and discuss Apple’s VoiceOver accessibility software for blind and low vision users that is built into iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; [...]


Our Vocal Branding methodology is deeply grounded in eclectic voice and sonic research, as well as continuous exploration of the continuously evolving vocal patterns in current usage.

One of our key Vocal Branding services for companies, government departments and small business is conducting a Voice Audit. A voice audit is a bit like mystery shopping, where we investigate and report back on how positively and effectively your organisation is presently employing voice across its different communication channels.

VocalPoint Research contributes to the quality and effectiveness of Vocal Branding by

  1. Monitoring and reviewing the latest voice and sonic research from around the world;
  2. Partnering with and Providing voice-related input to market research organisations undertaking product development or brand research activities;
  3. Undertaking vocal research, surveys and usability studies in-house and for clients.


At Vocal Branding Australia we fully appreciate the importance of creating highly intuitive, effective and enjoyable user experiences through strategic and creative use of voice and sound. Our usability and human factors experience includes conceptual design and development of automated telephone services, such as telephone banking, telephone voting,


I ended the previous blog post about providing a client with a customised recording of one of our Expressive Voice Agency voice talents reading relevant copy, by saying “Now we wait, trusting that an innovative blend of voice and communications technology will result in both a new client and an interesting Vocal Branding project.” So [...]


Vocal Branding Australia provides voice-based consulting and sonic and voice branding services to telephony/IVR suppliers/developers, as well as consulting directly to companies, small business and other organisations, to develop innovative and trusted voice-based products, services and customer experiences. We also team with leaders in market research, brand strategy, graphic design and copywriting to create vibrant [...]