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Find out what people thought … in this Poll on the voice of Julia Gillard.


Our Vocal Branding methodology is deeply grounded in eclectic voice and sonic research, as well as continuous exploration of the continuously evolving vocal patterns in current usage.

One of our key Vocal Branding services for companies, government departments and small business is conducting a Voice Audit. A voice audit is a bit like mystery shopping, where we investigate and report back on how positively and effectively your organisation is presently employing voice across its different communication channels.

VocalPoint Research contributes to the quality and effectiveness of Vocal Branding by

  1. Monitoring and reviewing the latest voice and sonic research from around the world;
  2. Partnering with and Providing voice-related input to market research organisations undertaking product development or brand research activities;
  3. Undertaking vocal research, surveys and usability studies in-house and for clients.


Most agencies are looking to offer an added-value advantage over their competitors, and Vocal Branding Australia’s expertise and methodologies have major potential to significantly increase market cut-through of advertising, and to create more durable and emotionally-rich brand relationships with an organization’s existing and potential customers. When an agency or company incorporates Vocal Branding principles, they create a powerful point of differentiation in their market segment.

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Tim Noonan formed Vocal Branding Australia to provide a unified suite of premium voice consulting services to the enterprise, and to provide specialist voice support and expertise to extend the offerings of marketing, advertising and PR agencies. We also run voice awareness raising workshops and offer voice guidance to individuals. Vocal Branding Australia is the [...]

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