What is Vocal Branding


Back in August I talked about the influential power of the human voice at TEDx Macquarie University 2012

You can view and listen to the video here

I’ve been contacted by several people with questions about this talk so I thought I would provide my preparation notes covering the key points and some of my reasoning, which I planned to cover on the day.


Introduction This post has been prepared for attendees of my “Transform your Business and Customer Experience through Vocal Authenticity and Insightful Listening” Presentations delivered to the NSW Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) and approximately 1000 St.George & Westpac Bank Contact Centre agents. Please email us to inquire about corporate voice workshops and conference presentations. Learn [...]


Advertisements and Sponsorship
Television, Radio and online;
Script Writing and Voice direction for Telephone Services
IVR, ‘on hold’ messages and call-centre scripts;
Customer Experience
Call centres, face-to-face customer communication, staff training, sales teams;
Games and Animation
Characterisation, computer games, vocal casting and direction in films, cartoons and children’s programming;
Audio Announcements and Safety
Transportation & Location information, Instructions, Alarms, Emergency Messages, Aircraft Safety Announcements, Evacuation Procedures etc;
Talking Devices
In-car devices, GPS navigation, home appliances, PDAs and SmartPhones, ATMs, Voting machines, point-of-sale devices;
Voice mail messages, live and recorded presentations by high-level corporate representatives;
Educational and promotional;
Audio books, Tutorials, Audio training programs, Corporate podcasts, Meditation programs and Workshops;
Computer based training applications, augmented reality and mobile applications and other media applications involving voice.


New Website for Tim Noonan – Consultant Speaker Coach Announcing timnoonan.com.au my new website which brings together my consulting, speaking and coaching services including ‘Voice Readings with Tim’ into a single place. vocalbranding.com.au will remain in place for some time, to preserve any links and pages that haven’t yet been moved across. Please visit my [...]


What Is Vocal Branding?

by Tim Noonan

Your brand is already talking, it has a sound, but what is it really saying to your customers consciously (and even more importantly) on an unconscious level? Vocal Branding is the strategic and purposeful use of voice to strengthen and enhance brand experiences – so your products, brands and user experiences sound as compelling as [...]

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Imagine the power and brand impact on the customers of a major corporation that presents a consistent vocal feel across all of its spoken communications channels, which reflects and reinforces the organisation’s brand values:

  • Employees: a consistent ‘vocal feel’ from presentations and interviews by the CEO, Sales Teams, Brand Ambassadors, Switchboard/Reception and through all spoken communication by staff in the company’s contact centres. This goes beyond a style of language to a style of vocal expression, what at Vocal Branding Australia we term a vocal feel.
  • Recorded customer service messages: a consistent VocalFeel including automated telephone services, ‘on hold’ recordings, plus the voicemail greeting messages of key company representatives.
  • Advertising, Training and Promotions: a consistent VocalFeel from all radio, TV, DVD and online audio and video materials produced by/for the company.

Result: a harmonious sounding Vocal Corporate Choir…