Vocal Direction (directing voice in performance)

by Tim Noonan

At Vocal Branding Australia we certainly pay significant attention to the kinds of words to be spoken, but we go so much further, carefully wrapping those wordings within subtle vocal nuance, cadence, timbre and tenor, to breathe life and authentic feeling into every spoken message we create.

“Tim, rarely have I left a job feeling that my very best vocal potential has been drawn out of me, as it was by your sensitive and capable vocal direction. Seldom in my 25 years working full time as a Vocal Artist have I been directed with such skill and intent.” - Joey Moore, Australian Vocal Artist

What many organisations don’t realise is that a session musician works at their best when given clear musical direction – and it’s the same with voice talent- they reach their full potential when guided and directed – what we term vocal direction. This is one of Vocal Branding Australia’s key areas of excellence.

Vocal Branding Australia works intimately with the client and the producer and manages the vocal direction of the talent in studio, to elicit authentic spoken messages that support the brand and literally bring it to life.

The true power of Vocal Branding Australia’s vocal branding approach comes from the meticulous vocal direction given in the studio. In conjunction with the client and producer, the Vocal Branding Consultant interprets the brand and the specific communication, and carefully directs the talent to elicit the perfect reflection of the essence of the brand, through voice.

Traditionally, all too often the voiceover talent is requested to ‘read the copy’ with minimal direction, and in most cases, the talent is not intimately familiar with the brand nuances, which can lead to artificial sounding voiceover results.

The result of our acclaimed voice direction approach is that when you hear the brand, you vibrate/resonate with, and literally feel the emotional energy that is the brand.

Our unique approach to Voice direction involves evoking in the voice talent the emotional and expressive states that match the personality of the brand. The talent can then speak through those emotions. Vocal Branding is not just ‘reading’ words so they sound nice – it involves uncovering the heart-beat of the message, breathing life into every word, under close direction, to create a ‘living’ vocal message that resonates with the intended audience.

In particular, we bring our in-depth understanding of the two quite distinct levels of voice processing by a listener: the unconscious response (all to do with the pace, rhythm and tonality of the voice, its more expressive aspects, and the conscious response a listener has to the meaning of the actual words spoken). Addressing both these levels is key to a brand voice which sounds authentic, is believable and is therefore trusted.

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