Interviews and Voice Resources by Tim Noonan

Voices, Relationships, Trust and Timetravel Presentation

a 15 minute video of Tim Noonan’s award-winning ‘Voices, Relationships, Trust and Timetravel’ presentation delivered to the APG “Battle of Big Thinking” event in March 2010.

The Human Voice is the most Influential Sound on the Planet!

This audio interview with Tim Noonan is a great overview of some of the fundamental principles and ideas that are the foundations of Tim’s voice and Vocal Branding work.

Hear this conversation with me about the human voice

Running Time: 17 min 18 sec

Interesting South 1

Tim’s Interesting South 1 Presentation

This fun and lively 10 minute presentation by Tim on Voice and his ‘Vocology System’ of expressive speaking and insightful listening was recorded in 2007 at the highly acclaimed Interesting South 1 Conference.

This was Tim’s first-time public presentation about Voice and also Tim’s first public on-stage Vocological Voice Reading (Thanks Sarah).

Note that in 2009 Tim re-branded his ‘Vocology System’ to ‘Vocal Consciousness‘ to avoid confusion with other uses of the word ‘Vocology’.

A Great Interview Voice

Some voice and vocal authenticity tips for job applicants. A Great Interview Voice: Tim Noonan’s Vocal Tips for Interviewees and job applicants (2008)

Tim’s Tips to Professional Speakers

Blindly Speaking for Real: a Blog post about Tim’s Presenting tips for professional speakers (2009) an article by Sally Mabelle following a presentation by Tim Noonan to the National Speakers Association of New Zealand

Accessibility Reviews of DVDs with Audio Description for Blind or Vision Impaired Audiences

Hear or Download Tim Noonan’s Review of Accessible Dr Who DVD Boxed Set

This audio review of Dr Who by Tim Noonan gives some interesting insights into creating accessible multimedia materials, developing self-voicing products as well as demonstrating some voice user interface design principles. The review was produced for Media Access Australia and was the first commercial DVD release containing speaking navigation menus and audio description for people who are blind.

Running Time: 16m 51s

Alternatively, here is a written review of the accessible DVD set.

You can also read Tim Noonan’s written review of the Audio Description features on “Thank God You’re Here: Series Two” DVD set.

In this review, Tim highlights the profound irony that though several DVDs are now being produced with accessible features like audio description, at the same time they are inaccessible to the extent that audio description can’t independently be activated. This is why the self voicing menus approach used on the Dr. Who boxed set is so important and welcomed.

Usability of Automated Telephone Services (IVRs)

Designing User Friendly Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Telephone Services for all. Tim Noonan

Enabling Independent Access To Electronic Information For People With Disabilities And The Older Population Through Automated Telephone Services – Outline Of Presentation by Tim Noonan (2001) Royal Blind Society

A Strategy and Information on Designing User-Friendly Automated Telephone Services Which Incorporate Text-To-Speech. (2000) Tim Noonan, Royal Blind Society

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