Voice, Sound and Sonic Branding Resources

The Radio Marketing Bureau (Canada)

The Radio Marketing Bureau site contains a wide range of tutorials an a great online archive of historical advertisements.

The Radio Marketing Bureau is your national help desk for radio advertising in Canada, offering news, research, creative inspiration and education. Our mission is to inspire and educate the advertising community on the power of radio.

‘The Power of Sound’ Tutorial

This Power of Sound tutorial includes concise notes and audio samples of sounds and how different sounds have been designed or engineered to have different associations for us as listeners.

The Audio Branding Academy (ABA)

Audio Branding Academy Website

The Audio Branding Academy was founded by Cornelius Ringe, Kai Bronner and Rainer Hirt in Hamburg in February 2009. It is the first independent institution for acoustic brand communication, aiming at promoting an intentional and responsible use of acoustic stimuli within brand communication. The Audio Branding Academy is a unique competence center for intersection points of brands, sound and environment and combines a forum, think tank, expert network and education. It hosts the annual Audio Branding Congress and regularly organizes workshops on various audio branding related topics.

One great resource: the ABC’s Audio Branding Glossary

Julian Treasure

Twitter was buzzing after Julian Treasure’s all-too-brief TED talk on “The Four ways Sound Affects Us” came online. Julian demonstrated a remarkable ability to convey extensive rich and meaningful information – about something we all take for granted – in a very short time span. Like so many TED gems, this talk is outstanding!

If you are interested in voice, then you are probably also interested in sound, and @JulianTreasure is definitely someone worth following on Twitter.

You might also like to check out his Blog “Sound Business”

Karlheinz Illner’s Sound Branding Blog

This blog, and Karlheinz Illner’s associated Twitter stream @sound_branding offers a wealth of great information and insight-rich ideas for anyone interested in sound or branding.

Sound Branding Blog

The Intentional Audio Blog

Another interesting blog exploring sound, sonic branding and linking to all sorts of interesting resources is the Intentional | Audio Identity Blog from Sonic ID

Sound and Music Therapy

This short ABC Australia feature on music therapy. just lightly scratches at the surface of this ancient healing modality.

The Sound of Invention

This is a film I personally can’t wait to experience. Celebrating an extraordinary man, and his remarkable artistic expression and relationship with sound.

“Open your ears and your mind will follow!” Quote from Trimpin: the sound of invention on Vimeo

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