[Closed to New Applications] The Expressive Voice Agency: a Division of Vocal Branding Australia

by Tim Noonan

To strengthen your brand, it is essential to select a natural and authentic brand voice that matches and represents the values and the personality of the brand.

The Expressive Voice Agency is a professional voice talent bureau which provides voices to clients of our parent company Vocal Branding Australia.

Rather than publishing an array of voices and profiles on the web, our approach is to supply the client with a tailored short-list selection of the ‘right voices’ which resonate with their brand. This is an element of Vocal Branding Australia’s unique Brand Voice matching service.

Our emphasis and specialty at Expressive Voice Agency is naturally expressive voices – we focus far less on vocal versatility, pretend accents and roles, than we do on the natural expressive voice of the talent. If you need an accent, we endeavour to find a native speaker of the language or location in question; if you need a child, we use a child; everything we do at Expressive Voice Agency is designed to ensure that authenticity and natural vocal expression is reflected all the way through the branding and advertising process.

The Expressive Voice Agency also includes voices from different exposure levels ranging from established recognizable voice talent through to fresh natural-sounding voices that have low saturation in the marketplace.

We also provide some on-site voice recording (spoken word only) and audio post- production services in our in-house recording studio.

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