Vocal Branding and Sonic Branding Strategy

by Tim Noonan

For Vocal Branding to operate at its most effective level, it is necessary to think about sound and voice branding strategy, in the same ways that we consider broader brand strategy. That is, voice needs to be a central part of overall brand strategy, as early-on in the brand development process as possible. This allows natural harmonisation of voice brand strategy with copywriting and the visual elements of brand planning. The result is a single, robust and unique brand positioning incorporating powerful emotional triggers and connections for customers.

By adding our vocal and sonic perspective to brand strategy, brand experiences are inevitably more impactful, robust and multidimensional. The result is a brand voice and brand sound which reflects your brand much more naturally and authentically, soundly connecting with more customer touch-points.

In many current instances in the market, the brand voice is positioned differently to the rest of the brand, or one voice talent is utilised by more than one product in the same category. The result of this is that the unique Vocal Positioning of the brand is totally lost, something overcome by including voice and considering sound in the earlier phases of brand strategy.

The power of voice is also greatly reinforced when it is set in the right sonic or audio context. To ensure that you gain maximum advantage when vocally branding your products and services, we also provide consulting and strategic guidance on the audio (sonic branding) aspects of your project.

As with any quality endeavour, the real benefits of vocal branding arrive as a direct result of the level of attention & focus given to voice in each step of brand development.

If voice is only thought about and attended to in the final steps of brand communication (that is to say, asking the talent to give a ‘reading’ of the script), then the brand voice can not be expected to powerfully harmonise and resonate with the values and personality attributes of the brand. On the other hand, when the brand voice is considered during the earlier phases – in product research and brand strategy, through to script copywriting and as part of the entire sonic environment – then the voice harmonises with, strengthens and becomes an integral part of the entire brand communication.

When Vocal Branding Australia is involved in early phases of brand conceptualization and development, we are able to bring fresh insights and add unanticipated value to your process so your brand is architected from the ground up to utilise voice and sound to amplify and reinforce the brand’s impact and effectiveness

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