Voice Audits and Vocal Branding Research: Via VocalPoint Research

by Tim Noonan

VocalPoint Research is a division of Vocal Branding Australia.

This research is often done in conjunction with a Vocal Branding (Voice) Audit.

Our Vocal Branding methodology is deeply grounded in eclectic voice and sonic research, as well as continuous exploration of the always-evolving vocal speaking patterns in current usage.

Vocal Branding (Voice) Audits.

One of our key Vocal Branding services for companies, government departments and small business is conducting a Voice Audit. A voice audit is a bit like mystery shopping, where we investigate and report back on how positively and effectively your service or organisation is presently employing voice across its different communication channels. The high level benefit of a Voice Audit is to strengthen your customer relations and increase your sales.

Voice audits can include consideration of

  • automated telephone services,
  • switchboard/reception staff,
  • ‘on hold’ messages,
  • call centre style and quality standards,
  • sales and support staff’s phone manner,
  • executive outgoing voicemail messages,
  • the vocal style of official and unofficial media spokespeople for your organisation,
  • and of course, the use of voice on behalf of your organisation in radio, TV and online advertising.

As an example, Vocal Branding Australia was recently commissioned to do a Vocal Branding audit of Australia’s leading telephone dating service, including short, medium and long-term strategy recommendations, explored through an interactive workshop-style presentation to management.

A Vocal Branding voice audit report gives you three things:

  1. It helps you identify any communications areas in your organisation requiring attention;
  2. It establishes a baseline reference for the way voice is currently being used in your organisation;
  3. It provides you with recommended next steps and a preliminary unified voice strategy for your organisation.

Voice-Related User Experience and Market Research

In addition to voice audits, our VocalPoint Research division contributes to the quality and effectiveness of Voice usage within business in three main ways:

  • Monitoring and reviewing the latest voice and sonic research from around the world;
  • Partnering with, and providing voice-related input to market research organisations undertaking product development or brand research activities;
  • Undertaking targeted vocal research, surveys and usability studies in-house and on behalf of our clients.

In his book “Blink” Malcolm Gladwell cited research demonstrating how tone of voice alone could dramatically increase patient trust and loyalty to doctors. Our unique research-based Vocal Branding methodology can create the same sense of trust for your products, brands and user experiences.

Contact us to find out more about our voice audits and to discuss how VocalPoint Research can add value to your research activities to ensure the strongest possible relationship between your customers and the next generation of your products and services.

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