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by Tim Noonan

New Website for Tim Noonan – Consultant Speaker Coach

Announcing the new site bringing together all of my consulting, speaking and coaching services. will also bring together resources and information into a single location.

This site will remain in place for some time, to preserve links and pages that haven’t yet been moved across to the new site.

Announcing New Service: Voice Readings With Tim

I am very pleased to announce a new voice counselling and life coaching service for individuals called Voice Readings with Tim.

In your in-depth 75 minute Voice Reading you will learn more of who you are, through the voice I hear over the phone, via Skype or face-to-face (Sydney CBD).

You can learn more, or make a booking on the Voice Readings with Tim page.

Welcome to Vocal Branding Australia where we advise on all things Voice and Sound!

At Vocal Branding Australia our corporate mission is to bring a unique, contemporary and strategic perspective to all non-visual aspects of branding and communications. Our company is committed to the authentic and ethical use of voice in business.

Vocal Branding is the strategic and purposeful use of voice to amplify brand values, focus brand positioning and increase brand engagement. It realizes the intrinsic capacity of the human voice to transmit emotion, and its extraordinary potential to create compelling, durable and trusted brand relationships with clients, colleagues and customers.

View and Listen to Tim’s award-winning presentation on the relationship between the human voice and trust

“Could you inadvertently be turning people off every time you speak? It's hard to believe, but when you talk to someone on the phone who has never met you, within the first 30 seconds of hearing your voice the other person has formed a mental image of you: what you look like, how smart you are, and whether or not they are going to listen to what you have to say.” - Susan Berkley

Learn how a Vocal Branding Audit can improve your sales and customer relations.

These Vocal Branding Australia Case Studies demonstrate some of the many applications of our voice and Vocal Branding services.

“Vocal branding is the strategic and purposeful use of voice to convey ideas, impressions and feelings from speaker to listener.” - Tim Noonan

I’m Vocal Branding Australia’s Managing Director and lead vocal consultant and as I cover in “About Tim”, I literally live and breathe voice. All aspects of voice fascinate me, particularly crafting harmonious integration of voice into technology and telephony services. My core expertise and study centres around the natural and the contemporary speaking voice. That is the voices each of us use and encounter every day in real everyday spoken communication. Having grown up as a blind person in a sighted world, I’ve had to learn to reliably assess – and interpret – people’s voices as my foundation for ensuring trusted and reliable interactions with others. I sometimes describe this skill as ‘reading’ body language with my ears.

Vocal Branding is the strategic and purposeful use of voice to strengthen and enhance brand experiences, so your products, brands and customer experiences sound as compelling as they look and feel! Modern branding is shifting from Telling to Conversing, and Vocal Branding is an essential element of this accelerating trend.

Our unique approach and suite of premium vocal consulting services is built on over two solid decades of research and experience on numerous voice and vocal branding projects.

This site is a blending of Vocal Branding Australia’s voice consulting website and our voice and branding blog, reflecting the intrinsic conversational character of voice. This conversational platform also feels better suited to introduce and speak about the fresh ideas and unique voice services we are offering – such as voice audits and Vocal Branding research, branding strategy and voice user interface design consulting, through to brand voice casting/matching as well as our proprietary in-studio vocal direction approach.

The site is also home for our specialist spoken-word voice talent agency The Expressive Voice Agency.

You can Also check our audio and voice samples and resources page.

the Vocal Branding blog offers a relaxed space to more expansively explore and talk about the theory and the practice of voice, Vocal Consciousness and Vocal Branding. For example, the challenges addressed and the possibilities which arise through effective uses of voice to strengthen and enhance brands and brand experiences – in short, all the benefits that arise when brand voices are completely and precisely On-Brand. It is also a place where I can share my passion and continually expanding appreciation for the magic and mystery that is the human voice, and I hope, also leave some interesting voice insights with you along the way.

Presentations at conferences and workshops for agencies and organisations are another way I am spreading the word about Vocal Branding and using the voice to increase trust in business. If you are planning a conference, please contact us about including an engaging Voice and Vocal Branding presentation on your program.

“Tim you really have captured the moment, and once again cast your interviewee's persona with grace and elegance. You are a very gifted interviewee” - Catherine White

Vocal Branding is a major paradigm shift in how voice is viewed and how it is applied in branding and marketing! Because of this, the role of Vocal Branding Australia and this blog is as much to explore, inform and raise awareness around use of brand voice in products and in marketing, as it is to explain and promote our unique vocal consulting services to corporations and agencies.

Please contact us or leave a comment with a question or share your thoughts. In this way we can open up genuine discussions about voice in general, and the emerging field I have coined Vocal Branding.

Vocally yours
Tim Noonan
Director, Vocal Branding Australia
Transforming products, brands and user experiences so they sound as compelling as they look and feel!

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Carolyne Wildman 1 December, 2009 at 3:10 pm

Finally! Someone who truly and intimately understands the power of voice and how the slightest nuances can deeply affect the presence and positioning of your brand.

The Voice of your brand should be strategically selected and developed at the foundational level, as an essential part of your brand strategy and integral part of your brand guidelines – just as you would for your visual representation, copy tone, tag line, etc. Your audience absorbs your brand and message through every single sense available, in order to construct a complete picture. Don’t skew the aggregate of their perceptions by neglecting Voice!

I can’t wait to recommend Tim Noonan and Vocal Branding Australia to all the creative agencies in my network.


Catherine White 3 February, 2010 at 6:46 pm

Excellent point you make about the audience absorbing more than the message. The individuals spirit is communicated through the voice, which can suffer from an overlay of a false self when an individual lacks an authentic message.

I’m with Carolyn when she says, FINALLY someone who is intimately acquainted with the human instrument.


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