Why Vocal Branding?

by Tim Noonan

Vocal Branding Australia’s proprietary Vocal direction approach awakens the innate ability of the human voice to act as a transmitter of emotion.

Voices that don’t reflect the brand – Off-brand voices – diminish and distort the brand’s power and integrity. Off-brand voices can either make the brand fall flat, or sound too sharp.

On-brand voices harmoniously resonate with the values of the brand and imbue the brand with more personable properties that clients and customers can trust and relate to. In short, on-brand voices breathe life into the brand.

“With Voice, Authentic Expression is absolutely the best way to leave a meaningful and lasting impression with others.” - Tim Noonan

Vocal Branding Australia brands a product with the right voice so it sounds genuine – to ensure there is no disconnect between the qualities of the product and what the customer or client hears from the brand’s voice. Our passion is that your brands will sound as fantastic and engaging as they look and feel!

Research by Tim Sanders and others shows that likeability is one of the key determinants of people choosing to buy a service and having a sense of trust in the service provider.

At Vocal Branding Australia we believe the true power of Vocal Branding is realized when the vocal relationship with the customer is sustained in a consistent on-going manner. That is, before and during sales and carrying through to service delivery and support.

Practical applications of Vocal Branding Australia’s voice consulting services include radio advertisements, TV commercials, Voices in online and multimedia presentations, telephone interactive services, and call centres – just to name a few.

We provide brand voice services directly to companies and we consult to branding, marketing and advertising agencies to extend their service offerings.

We conduct in-house and focus group voice and branding research as well as partnering with other organisations to provide ever more effective Vocal Branding services to the market.

Vocal Branding unlocks a world of untapped opportunities to heighten customer interest and engagement in your products and services.

  • Intensify the realness and emotional engagement of your brands;
  • Boost your face-to-face message’s power and impact by as much as 38 percent;
  • Boost your audio-only message’s power and impact by as much as 84 percent;
  • Captivate, engage and retain more people, more authentically, and in more ways.

We know that people predominantly buy on emotion, and yet, so many organisations have yet to appreciate the extraordinary potential of authentic use of the human voice, refining the true vocal essence of the brand, and embedding it into the marketing mix.

To achieve the true promise and potential of Vocal Branding requires a combination of the following elements:

  1. Meticulous voice talent selection to match the core vocal characteristics and abilities of the vocal talent with the essential elements of the brand, such as the brand values and personality attributes.
  2. Persona: Consideration of the product demographic (age, gender, speaking style).
  3. The brand’s emotional tone and nuance

A core principle of Vocal Branding is that the voice talent must have the capacity to bring forth through their voice the values and the emotions of the brand. When properly directed, the human voice viscerally connects with, engages, and influences clients and customers.

The outcome of vocal branding is true 360 degree marketing – where the voice (or voices) sound as engaging and compelling as the brand’s ‘look and feel’.

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